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Kyle Smaine 

Kyle David Smaine 

6/27/91 - 01/29/23

From his earliest memories as a kid he wanted to be a professional skier. Growing up in Lake Tahoe he had so many local legends and Olympians in every discipline to look up to and idolize. It had been a long and circuitous journey: from winning the 2015 FIS Halfpipe World Championships to winning the 2018 Mammoth Grand Prix Olympic qualifier, to making finals at Winter X Games in Aspen and Oslo, to winning local events like the Daron Rahlves' Banzai, and many more. The support of the community, the incredible ski terrain, and the amazing people here in Tahoe were vital to his success. Not only did Kyle have immense talent as a skier, he excelled in cycling and many other disciplines. You were lucky if you had the chance to see him on a waterski or in the curling rink.


Kyle’s extraordinary skills on skis and a bike really caught everyone’s eye, but more importantly, his kindness and generosity, is what influenced our community and the ski world today. Kyle’s exceptional ability to build community and foster meaningful relationships stemmed from his genuine interest in others. His approach was characterized by active listening, empathy, and a sincere desire to understand people on a personal level. Whether through his ski or professional setting, Kyle made everyone feel valued and heard. His inclusive nature transcended superficial boundaries, allowing people to connect. Kyle’s leadership style was characterized by humility and focus on shared goals. He encouraged collaboration and celebrated the successes of the community as a whole. In essence, Kyle’s greatness at building community and meaningful relationships stemmed from his authenticity, empathy, and the belief that everyone has something valuable to contribute. His legacy lies in the lasting connections he forged and the positive impact he had on the lives of those fortunate enough to be part of his community.

Kyle never gave up his love for skiing or this place and community and wanted to share it with everyone. 


 "Ski pow, eat ramen, smile more it's not that serious"



- 2015 FIS World Champion - Ski Halfpipe

- 2018 1st Mammoth Grand Prix/Olympic Qualifier 

- 1st Alternate for 2018 US Olympic Team - Halfpipe

- 2016 Nor-Am Cup Overall champion - Ski halfpipe

- Multiple Top 10 Global Rankings in Men’s Halfpipe

-3rd War of Rails 2013

- Multiple X Games finalist

-Cover shot on Forcast Magazine 

- Global Magazine Publications 

- Multiple wins and podiums Daron Rahlves' Banzai events

- Qualified for SkiCross World Cup tour

- Appearances in 2 Warren Miller Films 

- Helped design and develop the Fischer Ranger 108 ski and the 2023 Fischer Ranger Fischer ski line.

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