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Portrait of Kyle Smaine



At The Smaine Fund, we are driven by our motto: "Fueling athletes' passion, igniting their potential,” Our mission is clear - to support athletes throughout their careers by providing them with the necessary tools, education, assistance, and opportunities to become invaluable assets as an athlete.


We believe that athletes are not just competitors on the field, but also individuals with immense potential and unique talents that extend beyond their chosen sport and into a career. Our commitment is to nurture this potential, enabling athletes to excel both in their athletic endeavors and as professionals in the business world.

  • Career Development: We provide athletes with career development education,helping them acquire the skills and knowledge needed for a successful career.

  • Education: Education is a cornerstone of our support. We ensure athletes have access to quality education, empowering them to make informed decisions for their future.

  • Brand Building: We assist athletes in building their personal brands and connecting with companies to create mutually beneficial partnerships.

  • Community Impact: The Smaine Fund also believes in giving back to the community. We engage athletes in charitable initiatives, encouraging them to use their influence for positive change. 


Join us in our journey to empower athletes to not only excel in their athletic careers, but also to become assets that drive the growth of companies and inspire the world. Together, we can fuel their passion and ignite their potential.


We are proud to partner with organizations and individuals who share our passion for helping up and coming athletes in outdoor sports. Our partners provide us with the support and resources we need to make a difference in the lives of these athletes. Together, we are making a positive impact on the world of outdoor sports.

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